Mixed Feelings – Count down!!!!!

April 8, 2007

Offlate, a mixed feeling prevails amongst the all the Crusaders.  It gives us JOY because, everyone of us are going to join various organizations in good positions and is time to put into practice whatever was learnt in the last one year.  It also puts us down because we need to part with this institute as well as with all our friends with whom we have spent one full year.  We discussed, debated, played, attacked and countered and all the fun is not going to be there anymore. 

If I look back at this one year, debate and arguments are also a source of great learning and the real joy came when we have all achieved whatever is in the best interest of the institute and for our fellow students. 

We will all be bidding adieu on April 22nd, 2007 ie the day of our Graduation.  Saying so, I’m sure each one of us will be in touch with each other!!


Vol # 4 – Great Lakes – Great Faculty

April 8, 2007

Ashok Vasudevan – International Enterpreneurship


Mr Ashok Vasudevan, Co-founder and Chief Executive of Preferred Brands International Ltd , Chairman of Tasty Bite Eatables Ltd and Professor of International Entrepreneurship at Harvard BusinessSchool.We are highly fortunate have Mr Ashok as a faculty to reach International Enterpreneurship who is a reknowned enterpreneur.  He articulated International Entrepreneurship with emphasis on its various aspects and its growing importance in the global business environment. Citing various examples of famous entrepreneurs and innovators, he emphasized that it is the right combination of an individual¸ an idea, a product or capital which leads to an enterprise with strategy forming the core, which he termed as ‘Wheel of Fortune.The course ended with a Guest Lecture by Sanjay Naik, CEO of Tejas Networks.  Mr Ashok prior starting up his own enterpreneural venture, he served Levers & Pepsico and held Senior Management roles. 

In search of happiness

April 1, 2007

I recently had an opportunity to attend a workshop conducted by a Budhist Monk.  This person happens to be an alumni of a premier B-School and went on to become a monk in search of a meaning for life. 

This is one of the most lightest sessions which I ever had attended.  To start with, he had taken us through a simple ‘Pranayama.’  He started the session by saying ‘All the happiness in this world comes from wishing others happy & all the misery comes from wishing unhappy for others.’

He says ‘Everythings is perfect and everything can be improved.’  How true these two simple statements are !  They have a profound meaning hidden in it.

 A simple exercise that he suggested everyone of us to do is a 5 second wish exercise. When you find someone known at a distance do the following

1. Have  good wish in your mind about him/her

2. Keep an eye contact

3. Maintain Smile

4. Say one good for word about him

He wanted to do a personal visioning exercise on the second day but could not attend it due to limited mobility arised out of Statewide Bandh in Tamilnadu.

Just a thought, these will make you feel good and happy but may not fully make others behaviour.  There are people however good you are to them, how many favours they take from you they will never have gratitude.  But here is my wish for them “May God Bless them and give them all the happiness, pleasure and joy in the world.”

Placement Report – 2007!!!

March 9, 2007

My friend Ms Roopa had summarized so beautifully commending the efforts of all the people involved in making this year’s record.  I don’t have any better words to write about them.  She even commended my work too.  Thanks Roopa!!

 Just an insider information now that everything is over.  We have had ample number of meetings and most of them ended fighting with each other and all in the true spirit and everyone of us wanted to do something better to the batch.  For those who would like to know what Roopa had written, click  http://roopaachar.blogspot.com/2007/03/placements-my-perspective.html

I would like to add one more paragraph to what Roopa had written and it will also not be appropriate if we do not acknowledge the contribution of this person.  She is none other than Roopa herself. 

Roopa is the backbone of this year’s Placement Committee and had done a commendable job through out.  Her contributions are highly visible and made a distinct mark for herself.  Without her support it would not have been possible for anyone to do so much.  She had voluntarily signed out of the placement process informing the batch about her International Offer.  She volunteered to be a neutral observer thereby protecting the interests of all the parties.  Well Done Roopa!!!

Two more people who have done a great job through out the year are Manik and Sitashwa.  It is impossible if these guys were not there to constantly pester and pressurize people to do what they are supposed to do.  That includes contributing towards Placements Brochures, following up with letters and calls, being a buddy for companies or whatever it is. You name it, these guyz have done it.  Gr8 JOB!! Wish you both a successful career ahead.  Your determination will take you ahead.

Prasadh the low profiled guy in the committee had made remarkable contributions with his wisdom in providing alternate solutions during tough times.  He has contributed immensely right from design of the brochure to sending the recruiters back home after placements.

Finally, I would like to signoff by mentioning the efforts of one more person.  Without whom we would not have achieved this fete.  He may say that it is his part of the duty.  Even to do their duty, there’s something called experience/learning curve.  For this gentleman, the curve is so sharp and steep.   He is none other than our own Placements Director Prof. Swaminathan Murthy. He assumed office on October 5, 2006 and within a short span of 4 months, his contribution is awesome.  His ability to communicate with various people across the organizations and his short and sweet mails are simply superb.  Many a times his mails have turned the tables and did wonders this season.  Though I’m much junior to appreciate your work, but could not afford to signoff without commending your work.  HATS OFF to YOU Sir!!

Joining CSC…

February 9, 2007


Atlast the Placement Season at Great Lakes concluded!!  However, the details/statistics are yet to be published.  But I would like to share with my friends and well wishers that I’m going to experience the experienced and deliver results i.e going to join CSC…Computer Sciences Corporation.  I’ve worked at CSC in the past for about 2 years and it is realy exciting and thrilling to join back the organization.  CSC is truly a global company which has nurtured the culture of sharing and caring for its employees.

Small briefing about CSC

Computer Sciences Corporation is a leading global information technology (IT) services company. CSC’s mission is to provide customers in industry and government with solutions crafted to meet their specific challenges and enable them to profit from the advanced use of technology.

With approximately 77,000 employees, CSC provides innovative solutions for customers around the world by applying leading technologies and CSC’s own advanced capabilities. These include systems design and integration; IT and business process outsourcing; applications software development; Web and application hosting; and management consulting. Headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., CSC reported revenue of $14.7 billion for the 12 months ended Dec. 29, 2006. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at www.csc.com.

Indra Nooyi @ Yale-Great Lakes Research Conf

December 24, 2006

Indra Nooyi with my Classmates

Indra Nooyi @ Yale-Great Lakes Research Conference

It is one of those rare occassions and a dream come true to see and listen to the World’s #1 Powerful Woman, Indra Nooyi – CEO, Pepsico this morning at our maiden Yale-Great Lakes Research Conference.

Though she has come to Chennai on a vacation, she has accepted our invitation within a short notice and agreed to address the students of Great Lakes, Research Scholars from various institutions of prestige and distinguished academicians who have come from across the globe. I will post a detailed message she delivered at the conference in my next  posting.

 Some of the Luminaries who have attended this seminar are :

 Dr. Venkat R. Krishnan
Director, Yale-Great Lakes Center for Management Research.

Dr. Bala V. Balachandran
J.L Kellogg Distinguished Professor, Kellogg School of Management,
Northwestern University, Founder & Honorary Dean, Great Lakes
Institute of Management

Dr. Rajen Gupta
Professor, MDI Gurgaon.

Dr. Seenu V. Srinivasan
Adams Distinguished Professor of Management, Stanford University

Dr. Paul Prabhaker
Dean, Department of Managerial Econ & Fin, Fayetteville State
University, North Carolina, USA.

Dr. Suj Krishnaswamy
Principal, Strategic Insights Inc, USA

Dr. Sridhar Moorthy
Manny Rotman Professor of Marketing, University of Toronto

Dr. Rama Shankar
Managing Partner, Delta Management Associates, Illinois

Dr. J.Ramachandran
BOC Chair Professor, IIM Bangalore

Dr. Sudhakar Balachandran
Asst Professor of Finance, Columbia University.

Dr. S.Siva Nathan
Associate Professor of Accounting, Georgia State University, Atlanta

Dr. Ashok Vasudevan
Co Founder & Chief Executive, Preferred Brands International

Dr. Neharika Vohra
Professor, IIM Ahmedabad

Jimmy Carter & Great Lakes

December 21, 2006

 Friends with Uncle Bala & Ramadorai @ Worksite


(Friends@Carter Worksite) 


It was a moment of great pleasure when we the students of Great Lakes got a chance to meet with Former US President Jimmy Carter at Lonavla on October 30th.  President Jimmy Carter was in India to visit Malavli village near Lonavala in Maharashtra to take part in a project that involves building houses with local families in need.

The event was held from Oct 30 to Nov 3 and he also visited a village nearby Chennai to support Tsunami Victimcs in South India.

The Jimmy Carter Work Project (JCWP) brings together thousands of volunteers from India and abroad to build houses. Typically, low-income families participate in the construction of the houses they are eventually allotted.

A total of 100 houses are to be built. The houses would be 360 square feet semi detached, with a living room, kitchen, toilet, bathroom and verandah.

Its a matter of proud to the students of Great Lakes to be associated with a project which supports the habitat vision of every person.

L’Attitude13˚05, Great Lakes Annual B-School Festival

December 21, 2006


Great Lakes Institute of Management takes great pride in inviting your institution to “L’Attitude13˚05”, our annual management fest, being organized on the 5th and 6th of January, 2007.

L’Attitude 13’05 is a amalgamation of the smartest minds from B-Schools, executives from the corporate world and some of the renowned leaders who have directed the future of this country. L’Attitude provides a unique platform for networking with CEOs and Management Gurus. Keeping up its tradition of providing an enthralling experience to participants, L’Attitude this year consists of events like: 

Saigon 10 47                                     The Finance Cruncher

Guantanamo 19 59
                          The HR Flash Point
Waterloo 50 40 
                                The Operations Quest
Stalingrad 48 45 
                               The War of Strategy
Schloss Adler 47 51                          The Marketing Fortress

OK- Corral 31 71                              The Quiz Shoot-out

Vienna 48 13                                     The Leadership Dissertation

In addition, this year L’Attitude13˚05’ is hosting “Wang Guan Chennai”, a paper presentation event, for corporate participants. This will be centered around branding and marketing Chennai as the gateway to
South East Asia.

The CEO conclave  is one of the prime attractions of our fest with luminaries like Mr. Chandrababu Naidu (former Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh) and Mr. Sam Pitroda (CEO, World-Tel) gracing the event last year. This year, the event expects to host eminent industrialists like Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan (President & CEO, Cognizant), Mr. N. Sankar (CEO, Sanmar Group), Mr. Ravi Mohan (MD & CEO, CRISIL) and Mr. Sanjay Nair (CEO-India, Citibank). What’s more, L’Attitude offers some of the highest cash awards in the country and a mixture of academia & adventure on a beach front property.  

For more details about the event please visit the following site: www.glakes.org or you can contact 

Adith Kumar S (+91 98407 85575 & adith.k@glakes.org) Mahesh S N (+91 98840 82017 & mahesh.n@glakes.orgSandeep Khanna (+91 98406 96369 & sandeep.k@glakes.org)

For Queries related to Guantanamo, you can reach me – praveen.p@glakes.org 

Great Lakes Institute of Management is proud to present its annual Management Fest L’Attitude 13’05 2006-07 is scheduled on 5th & 6th of January 2007. Our offering for corporate participants this year is Wang Guan Chennai. We invite corporate participants to present a white paper on Chennai-The Gateway to South Asia. For far Chennai has had it all and we would like you to tell us what more it would take to make the city stand tall as a global brand.

Team should consist of 2 members and the winning team members are given the unique opportunity to share the stage at the CEO Conclave with luminaries like Mr. Lakshminarayan (President & CEO, CTS), Mr. N. Shankar (CEO, Sanmar Group), Mr. R. Ravi Mohan (MD & CEO, Crisil), Mr. Sanjay Nair (CEO, Citibank India) to mention a few. In addition winning teams get to take away prizes totalling Rs. 1, 00,000 

Send in your registrations for the event to chennai2.0@glakes.org on or before December 20th 2006

For more details logon to www.glakes.org/lattitude/corporate.html or you get in touch with Srinidhi (+91 98411 69156) & Abhirami (+91 98847 20302)

Yale-Great Lakes Research Conference!! Update

December 20, 2006

Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai has been bringing the best brains in the world of management to India with an objective to provide world class management education. We have tie-ups with eminent universities of international repute. One such initiative is Yale-Great Lakes Center for Management Research, started in partnership with Yale University of USA. This center aims to promote, facilitate and advance India-centric management related research which contributes to the development of basic and applied knowledge in the field of management.

As part of this initiative, we are organizing an International Conference in Chennai on December 24, 2006. The theme of the conference is “Global Mindset, Indian Roots”. Illustrious management professors from universities like Stanford, Kellogg, Columbia, and Yale are participating in the conference.

Date : Sunday 24th December, 2006
Time : 9 .00 AM to 5.30 PMVenue : Hotel Quality Inn Sabari,
Thirumalai Pillai Road,

Programme Schedule Inaugural session 9:00 AM  Dr. Venkat R. KrishnanDirector,Yale-Great Lakes Center for Management Research.

 Dr. Bala V. BalachandranJ.L Kellogg Distinguished Professor,Kellogg
School of Management,
Founder & Honorary Dean, Great Lakes Institute of Management 

Dr. Rajen Gupta

Professor, MDI Gurgaon.

Dr. Seenu V. Srinivasan

Adams Distinguished Professor of Management,Stanford


First Session 11:00 AM  

Dr. Paul Prabhaker

Dean, Department of Managerial Economics & Finance,Fayetteville
University, North Carolina, USA. 

11.30 AM  

Dr. Suj Krishnaswamy

Principal, Strategic Insights Inc, USA 

12.00 Noon  Dr. Sridhar Moorthy

Manny Rotman Professor of Marketing,

University of Toronto

 12.30 PM  

Dr. Rama Shankar

Managing Partner, Delta Management Associates,

LUNCH BREAK  Second Session

2.15 PM  

Dr. J.Ramachandran

BOC Chair Professor, IIM

2.45 PM

Dr. Sudhakar BalachandranAsst Professor of Finance,Columbia

3.15 PM

Dr. S.Siva Nathan

Associate Professor of Accounting,
Georgia State University,


4.00 PM  

Dr. Ashok Vasudevan

Co Founder & Chief Executive, Preferred Brands International 

4.45 PM

Dr. Neharika Vohra

Professor, IIM Ahmedabad 

Vote of Thanks

5.15 PM  

Prof. S.Sriram

Executive Director,

Great Lakes Institute of Management 

Mission accomplished….Successfully

November 19, 2006

After so much of confusion as mentioned, finally landed at Airtel Enterprise Services. One must be wondering why Airtel and not any of the three mentioned previously. It was not an easy task zeroing down.

I’ve liked the topic given for the study. It is on Manpower Planning Norms for Key Accounts Management. I had to understand Enterprise Business Unit model, Key Accounts Management, manpower needs and planning. It was really an enriching experience as it had a lot to learn. For reasons of confidentiality, I cannot reveal in public the actual work that I have done for them. But, I will be happy to talk about Key Accounts Management in any forum now but more from Human Resources angle rather from Sales/Marketing perspective. Will continue in my next post. Time to catch up with some sleep now.